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Helping Leaders Tap Into Greatness

We help organizations and businesses improve employee engagement, drive business results, and create meaningful connections through strengths-based development processes and conflict resolution strategies.

Our mission is to empower leaders and managers with the tools they need to develop and nurture team connections and manage conflict. We set your teams up for success with strengths-based development and drama-free work.




Helping individual leaders and leadership teams identify and hone their innate strengths so that they can learn how to bring out the best in others.

Team of Industrial Engineers


Helping teams to become well-rounded, strong and cohesive by utilizing each member's strengths and potential for greatest contribution.

Giving a Presentation


Providing consultation and facilitation services to support the pursuit of organizational excellence. 



Work as a team to learn strengths and work through conflict in a hands-on workshop.


Train your leadership or employees on specific scenarios to improve communication.

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Set your new leaders up for success with small-group coaching focused on building and improving leadership skills.


Identify opportunities for improvement with a consultation and receive actionable steps you can take to improve employee engagement and organizational effectiveness.


Dawn Beck is a successful leader who incorporates strategic thinking, collaborative leadership, organizational excellence, and equity principles into her work.

When Dawn was six years old, her father was arrested and incarcerated in a Minnesota prison.  Having an incarcerated parent had an indelible impact on her life—initially characterized by shame, others' judgment, and fear of revealed family secrets. 

She has since changed the narrative of her story to one of resilience and advocacy.  She strives to guide others in understanding and empowering those with lived experience to lead the necessary policy and system changes that support equity and opportunities for all.

Dawn helps organizations transform individuals, teams, and communities by tapping into their greatest sources of power:

  • The empowered voices of lived-experience

  • Individual, team and organizational strengths

  • Collaborative partnerships

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